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Kadioglu Plastic is a family business established under the leadership of Fevzi Kadıoğlu. Having a great commercial experience since 1973, the company dipped its toes into industrial manufacturing in 2006. It operates in a plant in Nevşehir Organized Industrial Zone with an open and indoor area of 18,000 m2 and 3,000 m2 respectively. Kadıoğlu Plastik has two fields of activity, namely recycling and agricultural irrigation pipes. Growing by extending its manufacturing network year by year, our company aims at providing better quality, employing more people and extending our services to all regions of Turkey and abroad by our customer oriented marketing approach based on confidence.

Our Mission

To be a company which manufactures in line with international product standards, cares for knowledge and R&D, prioritizes quality manufacturing and customer satisfaction, sets a higher standard in its market and has a global appeal.

Our Vision

To provide high quality, reliable, socially beneficial and environmentally-conscious products and services in our sector.

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